Winter tips

As Autumn rolls on and the mornings are becoming ever cooler, here are a few essentials that I use, which may assist you through the looming Winter.

Keep your feet warm. It’s an easy one – socks, slippers or ugg boots will make a huge impact on your ability stay warm this winter.

Ginger tea – warmth from the inside. I am a fan of Pukka – Three Ginger Tea which also contains turmeric. It’s a great way to warm up your core and keep your immune system strong as well.

Slow cook – my wife an I use ours a lot through winter. Meals are quick to prepare, dice up your veg and protein maybe throw in some curry, put the timer on and head to work. When you walk back in the door, the house will be filled with delicious aromas and dinner is already cooked!

Hit the sauna or have a float… Actually, do both – I prefer Sauna then float. Get your hot on then chill out in a float tank with 550kg of Epsom salts. Freshen up the muscles and get some downtime.

Dress warm, cover up your neck, particularly when windy and consume food/drinks that make you warm – easy!

Author: eminencehealth

B. H. Sc - Acupuncture Grad. Dip. Ed. - Secondary Triathlon Development Coach Athletics Coach - Level 1 Personal Trainer - Cert. IV Fitness

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